Saturday, July 26, 2014

Twirly Skirt by dinx & gracie clothing


Check out these Adorable Twirly Skirts 
at dinx and gracieAshley puts together
 some beautiful designs. Love her selection
 of fabrics. Also, Check out her Invitations,
 Note Pads, Greeting Cards and more right
HERE! She is a talented artist!  I was so
 excited when She asked if I could take
 photos of the girls wearing their Twirl Skirts.
 We had a Super Fun photo shoot at the park!  

Lots of giggles and smiles!

Lots of Playing too!

Aww... love this sweet photo of Lola and Gabby.
 They've been such sweet friends over the
 last couple of years.
Love these beautiful Twirly Skirts!

Thank you so much Ashley for the 
Caroline Twirl Skirt and letting us be 
apart of this shoot. 

Aww.... Sweet little feet

After the photo shoot we took the girls to 
Yolotti for some frozen yogurt and
 they were so energetic and silly. 
It was fun evening! 

Friday, July 25, 2014

Summer List 2014


I made a Summer list and I make 
no apologies for it.  If we don't make 
list around our home nothing would
 ever happen and it's a nice reminder
of what we have left to do. Besides it
 makes my craft room look a bit 
more happy :-) And sometimes we 
don't always get everything done on
 the list and that's ok too.  I am 
making this statement because there 
was some blog post or article that 
went floating around this summer
about these summer lists and too 
much planning for kids.  I do agree
 that some parents today over schedule
 their children and do too much. Most
 of the time children just need to be kids
and go play.  The name of this blog should
 let you know that we are bit Whimsy in
 this family and know how to be spontaneous! 
After all that being said we've had a great 
summer and sad to say good-bye to 
summer as School starts back in two 
weeks. This summer we managed to make
 many trips to the splash pad, play in our
 backyard pool, go to the Zoo, join the
 reading program at the Library, hang
 out at Guthrie Green, See a Drillers'
 Baseball game, attend Swimming 
lessons, Monday play dates with Annabelle
Summer Camp at New Haven, go to 
Farmers Market, play with our next door
 neighbor friend Kaeden, and had lots of FUN!! .

Hope you had an Awesome summer too!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Porter Peach Festival


We had our first visit to the Porter Peach Festival 
today. Porter is  Peach Capitol of Oklahoma as 
even stated on their water tower.   Gabby had a 
blast and there was so much to do for the kiddos.
 They had lots of inflatables, pony rides, face painting
 and lots of yummy food. But we were disappointed
 that there were No peaches to buy :-(   We were told 
that you really should attend day 1 or 2 of the festival
 if you want to go home with Peaches. Lesson learned
 the hard way :-(   

Ready for some FUN!

Tractor Tram ride to the festival!

I love this sweet dress that Gabby's grandma 
made for her from Little Red Riding Hood
Tasha Noel - Riley Blake Designs.

So excited to see that they had Pony Rides
Gabby has a love of ponies/horses.

Of course SHE wanted face painting!

Lots of Inflatable FUN

HOMEMADE SODA ..................................................

We loved the yummy SNOW CONES :-) 
Cherry for Gabby and Coconut for ME!

After 3 1/2  hours Gabby started to get hot and tired.
  So it was time to go.   Sure wish there would have 
been some peaches to buy. 

It didn't take long before she was out and fast asleep in the car. 


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