Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Cowgirl Fabrics


My Mother-In law bought Gabby the cutest 
Cowgirl boots and now we need cowgirl skirts 
to twirl in!  So I've been on the hunt for fabrics.
Lot of Fun selections out there ! I love this fabric 
line called Luckie by Maude Ashby. Beautiful colors 
of Pink, Gray, Turquoise, and Yellow.

Red, White and Blue Cowgirl theme would be perfect too!
Twirly skirts will be cute in both these combos!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Cindrella 2015 Movie


We were Up bright and early to go see Cinderella today at
 the Movies.  It was everything we hoped for and More !!   
I loved watching Gabby's excitement throughout the movie. 
I truly enjoyed the movie myself. It was Magical and Enchanting
I felt like a little girl at the movies too. 

We don't go that often to the Movies so it was a Real treat for
 us especially with the updated theater and reclining seats!  
Popcorn & Soda!!! Yum Yum!

I love her so Much and making all these Fun moments together!

Her Real Prince charming is her Daddy !!

We loved the sentiment of this movie and most of all the message it conveyed to the audience. Cinderella's mother in her last moments says "Have Courage and Be Kind, Where there is Kindness, there is Goodness and where there is Goodness there is Magic...... "

Friday, March 13, 2015

Jog A Thon 2015


Jog A Thon day at school. The kiddos ran hard and
 raised some money for the school.

She ran her heart out ! Great Job Gabby!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Nutcracker Ballet 6th Birthday Party

Happy 6th Birthday sweet Gabby! 
We love you so much. You have the
 most tender caring soul We've ever
 known. We enjoy watching you
 grow. We celebrate every birthday
 with gratitude to God that he 
blessed our family with you. Our 
spunky lil redhead makes life
an everyday adventure ;-) 

This year we knew we wanted to 
do a Nutcracker Ballet theme especially
 with a December birthday. Gabby
 was thrilled with the idea. She 
helped me plan it and put decor
 together. It was so much fun 
having her help. :-)

This wasn't the best picture of the decor 
because of the lighting. It was a dreary
 cold day outside. I used gold charges
 and my regular dishes for the table 
setting. I picked up these wooden nutcracker soldiers for 46 cents each
 and spray painted them.  gold. Also,
 I made these gold trees on the buffet.
 I purchased these cardboard trees at 
Hobby for $5 a piece on sale and spray
 painted them gold. Then I wrapped them
 in the prettiest color of pink ribbon with
 lace. As if you couldn't tell Pink and 
gold was the theme colors ;-)

I purchased this beautiful pink and gold nutcracker printable collection by HHPaper
 on Etsy. I made some yummy pink
 punch to serve the little ballerina's. 

I was so busy getting ready I was only able to take these pics while I was running like a crazy woman. I never took the finished version. Oh well I remember it in my head. 

The birthday cake was so yummy 
and pretty too! My mother-law's 
neighbor Sarah makes the best cakes!

Table of sweets was kept really simple.
Chocolates, marshmallows, chocolate
dipped pretzel sticks, and Turkish delights.

I love this Sugar Plum Fairy! Isn't she sweet!

The owner of our dance studio "That's Dancing" was so sweet to let me borrow these tutus for the girls to wear at the party. Big Thank you to Ms.Kara!!  The girls dressed in their tutu's and had their hair and make up done. 

These sweet vintage ornaments were
 a last minute find at local Animal
 Aid thrift store. I bought 4 boxes
 of them ! :-)

I made these glitter crowns. We were sweeping up glitter for weeks. They were fun to make and really turned out pretty. 

My friend Misty at work is also a ballet teacher and her daughters (Kaylie and Nikki) are dancers too. We hired them for the party. They were so wonderful and so sweet with the kids. Here she is reading the Nutcracker story to the girls. 

Then it was time for some ballet 

Sweet friends.........

What a cute group of kiddos and Nicholas
was such a sport for being the only boy.

These two may be a year and half apart 
but they are definitely kindred spirits.

Gabby's two dear friends Anna 
and Annabel. 

Anna, Holly, Gabby and Annabel

Then it was time for Cake !

We have a 6 year old in the house!
 Were did the time go!! 

Then it was time for Presents!

Love this picture! Gabby's reaction is 
Awesome but her friend Annabel's
reaction is even cuter! Oh My what is 
it?  My husband was bringing out
Gabby's birthday gift from us 
which is a doll house that he's
been working on. It still has alot of
work to be done but she was so thrilled!

Gabby's Doll House

It was such a special day and so
 thankful to everyone who came
 to celebrate with us.


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