Thursday, October 23, 2014

Lola's Fall Party

Lola's Fall Party was so much Fun!
She's such a beauty inside and out !

Sweet Blair

My Gabby Girl :-)

I love these sweet and silly Girls! So glad
 that we all met through New Haven several 
years ago and that we've managed to keep in
 touch.  Athough we are all at different schools
 now. Adore the kiddos and their Mom's too!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

1st Visit from Clairette The Tooth Fairy


Gabby came home from school today
 and she had lost her 1st tooth.  Wow, this
 is no doubt a sign that our little is growing
 up.... Sniff Sniff.    She was so excited and
 said that she had fallen on the playground
 and she caught it in her hand.  All her 
friends were excited for her!  It was so sweet
 to hear all the parents say the next day 
"Oh, we heard about Gabby losing her 1st tooth"! 

After she went to bed I was really bummed that

 I hadn't made her the tooth pillow that I wanted

 to make her.  So, after she was fast asleep in

 bed I decided I was going to make her pillow

 but without any perfection. We didn't have time

 for that! Tooth Fairy ain't got time for that! HA!!

So I used Stitch Witchery with a scrap of Vintage

 sheet, Fabric, Stuffing, Fringe Pom Poms, and

 Ric- Rac.  Then a letter from the tooth fairy, 

$5 dollars, and lots of glitter. And we were all

 ready for the Tooth Fairy visit ;-) Oh but wait

 the Tooth Fairy needed a name so I called

 her Clairette. 

She ran in and woke me up this morning 
saying "Mommy, look what the Tooth Fairy
left me!"  She was so excited :-)  We walked
 in her room and read the letter from
 Clairette. She was so excited she said "
 See Mommy, I told you all tooth fairies
have names and mine is Clairette"  
It really is the little things that we delight
 in.  I love that Gabby has a wonderful
imagination. We decided that $5 for her 1st and
 Last tooth.  All other tooths she will get $1. 

Happy Fall Y'all


Pumpkin Patch Fun!
A sweet friend of ours was in town 
taking pictures and had a pumpkin 
session available .  Although, I was 
not feeling well we didn't want to 
pass up the chance to get some 
photos by Sara at Captureyou by Sarah.

I was so excited for Gabby to wear
 her new Fox dress that Grandma made her. 

I adore this shot of Gabby.  She poses like 
this alot! And she's not always looking at
the camera so it captured a real 
moment. She loved climbing over all
the pumpkins :-)

This has to be the goofiest looking
 Scarecrow ever!

My Most Favorite! That's our Gabby 
girl! I love pumpkins and fall weather

Hello October!

Yes, a world of Octobers......................

Pony rides too !   

We saw these sweet camels having 
a little smooch right before we left.

Thanks so much for taking the pics
Sarah! You are so talented and such a

**All Pictures except Fox dress were
 taken by Sarah at Capture You By Sarah.***

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Reagan's 8th Birthday @ The Studio On Art on Main

Frozen Party

I was so excited to plan Reagan's Frozen 8th 
Birthday Party theme decor. I had so many 
more ideas that I didn't get to but here's how
 the party went down. My best friend Terri 
had the party at The Studio Art on Main in 
Collinsville. Roberta Sweeney led our painting
 class and she was such a delight.  She works
 so well with children and brought out the 
artist in every child. The kids had so much 
fun painting Olaf. Then We ate Pizza and 
yummy Cupcakes. Also, we served Snow 
Flurry wands and icicle snow pops! Lots 
of Sugar to go around :-)

Happy 8th Birthday Reagan!!

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